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Dr. Krider knows how to cheat the aging process and beat obesity — and he has the scientific evidence to back it up. His modest family practice afforded him the opportunity to conduct ground-breaking research into why our bodies age and how diet plays a much more important role than previously realized. Seeing the havoc his patients underwent on fad-diets prompted him to develop a diet not just for losing weight but to also build a strong, healthy framework.

The Lifestyle Diet is meant to quickly reduce fat while helping gain muscle and most importantly, providing the body with the right kind of nutrients to counteract the aging process. His medical advice has helped transform countless lives by improving mobility and quality of life.

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Jim is the kind of doctor that wants to help you achieve a better life without pills and prescriptions. I'm doing more and enjoying so many new things!

Cindy Harper

The Lifestyle Diet changed more than just the food we ate. It changed our whole outlook on health and our quality of life. We felt better and started doing more. It wasn't overnight but looking back, I'm sure glad we took his advice.

Tom & Nancy Carter

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Feel Great Again

In this book Dr. Krider explores the many benefits of intermittent fasting and demonstrates how the body can actually rebuild itself and regain energy — you’ll learn how often and for how long you should fast.


Feel Great Again

Get the truth about artificial sweeteners and explore healthy alternatives that will satisfy your cravings while helping your body balance and maintain blood-sugar levels. Dr. Krider brings case studies to light that prove, with scientific certainty, which artificial sweeteners should be avoided at all costs!

Artificial Sweeteners

The Lifestyle Diet

This 8-part series presents the science behind the Lifestyle Diet. The series begins by tearing down common nutritional myths and misconceptions and bringing the reader up to speed with a quick overview. Dr. Krider then dives head first into specific foods and portions that help your body repair itself while providing a clean, healthy environment for lean-tissue (muscle) development.



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