Seminar Videos

The Blue Zones

Join Dr. Krider as he takes you through geographical locations made famous for their exceptional long-life and virility. Based on the research of Dan Buettner and the National Geographic Society, these areas are referred to as the Blue Zones. The high concentration of 100+ year old inhabitants thrive with very low rates of heart disease, obesity, cancer or diabetes.

Tearing Down The House

Explore some of the common excuses we use about our diets. In this video, you’ll learn which 4 food types to absolutely avoid along with the 3 food types you’ll want to cut way back on.

Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start Guide will give you an overview of the Lifestyle Diet. You’ll gain some background and insight into all the different lifestyle changes and how they’ll impact your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

The Omegas

Dr. Krider uncovers the truth about Omega supplements. This lecture deals with specific nutrients we need as the effects of aging start to manifest. Find out exactly what the difference is between all the Omegas and what they can do for you. Plus, discover the real reason our western diet is causing disease and weight gain.

The NutriDensity button below will take you to a page with nutritional information on various protein sources. For example, you can look up how much Omega-3 is in certain fish, poultry or beef.

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